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We all need our feet and we need them to work without pain. One of the problems about our feet is that there are a lot of misconception and old ideas about how to care for your feet and common feet problems. Dr. Michael Horwitz has developed several papers for you to download for free about common foot problems. All of these papers are free. We only ask that you submit your name and email address in order to download. 

Just use the form on the right and you will be able to download any of the papers below. Create a Username and Password to this section so that you can return and download additional papers or new items as they become available, without having to register again.

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Current Feet Fact Papers


Facts About Bunions

If you have bunions you need to know the facts about what causes them, and the treatment options.


Pedicure 411

 Know the Do's and Don'ts for Fabulous Feet


The Truth About Arch Supports

 What are the facts and myths about arch supports? When and what type should you buy? Download this paper now to get the facts.


What Shoes Should You Wear?

Do you need to protect your feet by wearing stable supportive shoes? Do you really need shoes with to support your feet? Find out the truth now by downloading this paper.

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