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As podiatrists we are interested in the origins of injuries and structural abnormalities that cause pain and discomfort in the foot and lower leg. After reviewing many studies and gathering experience from more than two decades, it is obvious that supportive footwear with firm soles is one of the main culprits.  This is unfortunate, because for years both podiatrists and orthopedists have routinely prescribed this type of footwear to millions of patients in an effort to reinforce the foot.  As a result, most Americans now have musuclarly weak and imbalanced feet and are more prone to foot pain than ever before.  Fortunately it is possible to restrengthen and recoordinate the foot relatively quickly by switching to minimal shoes.  Although orthotics still have a limited place in treatment, our goal is to enable patients to walk without external assistance.  The Motion Center strives to compliment and complete a cycle of medical treatment.

At Feet for Life we also use gait analysis to study walking and running. By using cameras and computerized programs, we can accurately measure movement patterns and muscular activity. After interpreting the data we can then identify inefficient patterns of movement that are often the ultimate cause of problems. 

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