The Effect of Shoes on Feet

Our practice is dedicated to helping patients recover from foot dysfunctions and avoid pain, but is foot discomfort inevitable?  What if we could avoid conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuromas, and hammer toes?  According to writers like William A. Rossi and Adam Sternbergh, simply by wearing shoes that fit our feet and allow them to move naturally, will allow us to maintain strong and healthy feet.

Switching from traditional shoes, with their elevated heels and narrow, stiff soles, to shoes that let the foot move naturally, will soon help you regain the natural functioning of your feet.  In fact, we felt so strongly about the value of these shoes, sometimes called "minimal shoes", that we opened the Motion Center, a shoe store next door to our Chesterfield location of Feet for Life, where we sell the Merrell, Altra, Vivo Barefoot, Vibram FiveFingers, Newton Running, and TOPO brands of minimal shoes. We usually see you first when you are ill, but our goal is to see you next when you are well.

An interesting article by Alun Biggart, might answer some other questions you have on the topic of feet and shoes.

Mike Horwitz 08-Aug-2014 0 Comments
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