Tailor’s Bunion (“Bunionette”)

Must Know About This

  • Surgery is often considered when pain continues for a long period with no improvement after non-surgical therapies have been used.
  • Shoes with an elevated heel and a narrow toebox should be avoided and replaced by shoes that are flat, flexible, and fit the shape of the foot.
  • Treatments directed to the painful area help control pain and swelling. Examples include ultrasound, moist heat, and soft-tissue massage.

Good to Know About This

  • This is an enlargement on the outside of the foot caused by the combination of the fifth metatarsal protruding outward and little toe moving inward.
  • The condition is characterized by inflammation, pain and redness of the little toe.
  • Non-surgical therapies include hoe modifications, padding, and corticosteroid injections.

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